Returns within 14 days

Dear customers, on this page we will try to explain to you in more detail the possibilities of returning the goods within the statutory 14-day period.

What is the purpose of this 14-day period? 
The right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days without giving a reason was introduced due to the impossibility of testing and inspecting 
the goods at the time of purchase using means of distance communication. This 14-day period is therefore, provide the customer with these
options in the same way as you could personally do in store. This period can't be used to borrow goods for their own purposes.

For what reasons do you have the right to return the goods within 14 days of purchase? 
In the event that the purchase contract is concluded by means of distance communication, such as e-commerce, the buyer has the right to withdraw 
from the purchase contract without giving a reason according to § 53 paragraph 7 of the Civil Code within 14 calendar days of receipt. The order
must not be concluded with an ID number.
The 14-day period also applies to personal collection with an order, but not a reservation made via the Internet.

When does this 14-day period begin and when does it end?
The statutory 14-day period for returning the goods takes effect the day following the receipt of the goods. Therefore, if you order goods in our store,
for example, on Thursday and you take over on Friday, the 14-day period takes effect on Saturday and lasts the following 14 calendar (not working!)
. If the end of this period falls on a public holiday or weekend, the next working day is taken as its last day of validity.

Until when is it necessary to return the goods and inform about the withdrawal from the purchase contract?

If you decide to use the 14-day return period, you must be informed the seller of this fact (preferably in writing) no later than the last day of this period - if thedecision is sent by post, the letter must be sent to the seller no later than the last 14-day return period . Withdrawals can also be sent by e-mail, preferably as a signed copy.

The purchased goods must be returned as soon as possible after withdrawal from the contract, but no later than within 14 days of withdrawal from the contract.


Where to send the goods? What to attach to it?
You can send goods purchased in our online store to our address. Along with the goods that you have acquired on the basis of the purchase contract, it is 
necessary to deliver a written decision to withdraw from the purchase contract in the case of sending the goods by the carrier (here excel), (here pdf)
In the case of personal return of goods, this withdrawal can be written on the spot. It is also advisable to provide proof of purchase of course, so that we can
assign and process your request as soon as possible.
Address for sending goods:

BabyBeBare s.r.o., Milánská 412, Praha 15 109 00

For Zásilkovna. You can use the return code 99522991.

Recepient: Babybebare, tel.: +420777112851, email.:

The cost of transporting the goods back to the seller is covered by the buyer without compensation.  

What is the condition of the returned goods?

The goods can be returned in any condition, but it is necessary to keep in mind that the seller can deduct from the amount to be returned to you the costs he had to spend to bring the goods back for sale. Therefore, it is advisable to return the goods to a condition that corresponds as closely as possible to the one in which you received the goods after purchase.

For example, if the returned goods lack packaging, the seller has the right to claim financial compensation for the costs associated with obtaining new packaging. Similarly, if the goods are damaged or show signs of wear, the seller has the right to deduct from the amount to be returned an amount that will correspond to the wear or damage of the product. The amount that will be returned to the buyer for the product is always assessed for each product individually.

The goods can therefore be returned without packaging and can be used.


When will my money be refunded?

We will send you the money for the goods (as agreed) as soon as possible, no later than within 14 days of withdrawal from the contract, but not before the returned goods are delivered back to our address above (or before you prove that the returned goods have already been sent to us) . In this case, the cost of returning the goods is on the buyer's side.